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Peoria, IL


Dental Implant in Peoria, IL

If you need a Peoria, IL, dental implant that you can rely on for years to come, consider the help of Richard T Moon DDS. Our friendly and helpful office staff is dedicated to making sure that every client we serve in Peoria, IL, receives the best care available. With years of service, we have gained the insight needed to fully understand the underlying causes behind tooth damage. Whatever you may currently be dealing with, we can help you better understand your needs and put an end to damage.

Tooth loss can be the result of years of damage and decay or it can happen in seconds due to a sudden and serious accident. In either case, the trauma caused will be beyond repair. However, there is hope. A dental implant can permanently fill the space of a lost tooth so that your mouth can retain its appearance and also remain healthy. Our personalized, gentle care in Peoria will craft a replacement that fits your mouth and withstands continued use for years to come. With the help of our restorative dentistry, you can move on from your injury and get back to everyday personal and professional life as soon as possible.

The Peoria, IL, dental implant team at Richard T Moon DDS can help you as soon as possible if you have lost teeth and are in need of assistance. We are committed to continual education and learning and are in constant search of new and improved methods in order to better serve our Peoria, IL, patients. Get in touch with our staff today and find out more about your options and our wide variety of services.